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Welcome to our Thank you Collection!

On this home page, you will find your notes and drawings.

If you cannot find your note,  Apologies. It could be that we could not read the signature and have not entered your name / or have an incorrect spelling or the note was not in English.


Notes, cards and letters without a date or year have been randomly placed.


If you sent a card or drew something for us, please check our gallery. If it was too large to scan, then it has not been entered on the site but would be hanging at one of our offices.


Full names and addresses or diagnosis’s are have not been mentioned.


Thank you for writing to us.


Stay Healthy and Safe.




We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.


My wife and I, would like to express our appreciation and thanks from the bottom of our heart to EWMC, for the wonderful help and services given to us. I would like to congratulate the India Government for having such a fantastic service center like the EWMC. All help was very much appreciated. M.Ibrahim. FPG Oleochemicals

Pahang, DM.


Everybody has been extremely nice and friendly and professional. You have taken good care of me. Thank you. I.Bjorn. Delhi.


Thank your very much for everything. I appreciate it all with all my love!!! I will never forget you all. You will be always in my heart…. Love, Sivan. Delhi


There are no words with which I can thank you- but thanks a million all the same. Bubbly. Delhi



Thank you so much for all your help and support and kindness.

R.Olsen, K. Johal, N. Jai.Delhi



It’s a long way we’ve got to go, but thank for all the encouragement for the happy sailing of ours ahead. Chhabra. Delhi


Just a note to say thank you for the excellent care given to me. You have a very caring and patient staff of doctors and nurses. Samina. Delhi


Thank you for your kind treatment. Rajinder



I would like to say one last thank you to you and your staff for getting me back on my feet. You’ve all been marvelous. My very best wishes. R.Henderson.


It isn’t often you find people as special as you. People who go out of their way to make things nicer for others, people who take time to care. Your thoughtfulness was really appreciated… and so are you. Thank you. Roland. B.C.Canada.


We greatly appreciate the very kind attention extended to____. We do not doubt that he will have the benefit of the best care and we are already grateful for the kindness extended to him. Once more we express our greatest consideration for your assistance. Lejeune.  Houget Duesberrg Bosson. Belgium.


Thank you very much for your care and cooperation. It’s people like  you who make the world a happier place. Many thanks to you all. Dr Narendra.


Thank you very much for looking after me so well. I’ll certainly have favorable reports to tell of Indian hospitals when I return back to Britain. L.Gregson.


Thank you for all your support and encouragement during the last week. A.Rosen. Embassy of Israel.


Once again, thank you for all you did for me and George. John. Hampshire, England.


Greetings from sunny Sydney,

Your support is always appreciated here at Customer Care.

Letitia Fay


Hello. Do you remember me?
My name is ___, I am from Japan. 4 months ago, I was involved in an exchange of fire between army and militants in Kashmir. I had an operation at your hospital. Thank you for taking care of me. See you.

We were all very much impressed by the professionalism and high international standard of excellence and the overall caliber of your First Aid Certification Course. Stephanie Parashar, Inrepid Travel Pty Limited, Delhi.


I want to thank you and your staff and to let you know how lucky I feel for being a patient in your hospital. Shai. Israel.


Words can’t express our thanks. We did not notice that we were in a hospital, it is like a dream place here.. Noam & Itamar. Israel.


Thank you vey much for your wonderful care and for being a great medical spot light in India. We will never forget your professional and warm care, from the rescue flight till the moment we left Delhi. J.Shenkar


Thank you for all your help and your good care during my stay in your hospital. Your were all very kind to me. Dori. Holland.


Thank you for taking good care of me and your kindness. Kalli.



To all the EWMC Doctors, Nurses and staff members who had done their level best to make me well and took the best care of me. I heartedly thank all of them. I’ll miss the kind attention by the sweet nurses and staff. Whenever I fall Ill, I’ll only opt for EWMC.



To all the Doctors and nurses who have made this experience as pleasant as possible. I cannot thank you enough. KOP KOON MAC (thanks too much in Thai). Shani & Sky.


I want to thank you all for your kindness and readiness to help during our stay at the EWMC. Hagen. Denmark.


Attached to this mail I send you a translation of my open letter, which was published, to the editor of the well known Dutch quality paper NRC Handelsblad, to publicly express my satisfaction with my treatment in India. Te original clipping will be sent today to your address.  Jan Beenackers





We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.


Entries are entered only up to those received till August 2006.


To the sweet nurses and the good doctors. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Although I hate hospitals, you have made my stay very, very nice. R.Tromp. Holland.


Thank you for such wonderful care of us while we were sick. We are now much better. Victoria, Jane & Claire.


Many thanks for your friendly medical assistance given to my child. Arg.


I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I received while I was at EWMC. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff. I am glad I caught meningitis in India – the doctors here say that they would have put it down as jet lag for a couple of days (so much for the wonders of western medicine!!!) Chandler. Lancaster.



We want to thank you and your staff for the great care you gave us when we stayed with you after our fall in Ladakh. We really appreciate your efforts also in our repatriation home.


I wish to thank all the doctors and nurses for their kindness in helping me get well. C.Laurin. Canada.


I would like to thank you and all your staff or the kindness and concern that was shown to be. The nurses were so kind and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. Ironic as it may seem, it was a pleasure to stay here. Keep up all your good work. Thanks again, the food was great. Nane.


How can I fully express in words my gratitude and appreciation for the care and treatment of_____. E.Mulloy.


Thank you for the help and care which you brought us to your hospital. Happy New Year. Ahmad.


Thank you for all the kindness you have shown towards me. Tenzin Paldon


I would like to than you and your team ‘s care during my unexpected illness. I admired, apart from the beauty of the ladies, the excellent and specialist care of the patient. Many hospital in many countries, I have been to as a visitor or as a scholarship holder, could learn from your hospital how to work. Once more, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff. Dr Rozniecki. Lask.

There are no words that can express the gratitude I fee, deep within my heart. Shirish & Sharmista


I apologise for the delay in writing to thank you for all the care, kindness and assistance given to me following my syncopic episode at the AKU-GH on 17 August. I feel most fortunate to have had such good care, extending all the way from admission to AKUH to my return to Australia. As you know, I was accompanied back to Australia by your Doctor from East West Rescue, Delhi.

If you are ever planning to visit Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sydney for a conference or vacation, please let me know. I hope to be around to show you a little of this rather nice part of the world.

With sincere thanks and kindest personal regards,



Dear Dr Chawla, Dear East West Rescue,

Although the file is not yet finished nor completely evaluated I would like to thank you for all the efforts regarding the evacuation from Afghanistan. Once again I was impressed by your expertise and service.

Kindest regards, Corien, SOS International

             I am taking again the opportunity of this very short Email regarding -----‘s health to tell you how grateful I am towards what you did for my son and me during that long long flight between New Delhi and Montreal.

            Again, the miracle goes on. ---- is making great progress. Exactly like you have predicted, the moment his breathing capacity began to improve, all his vital centers started to improve dramatically. He walked freely outside today, still within the shadow of his father, but he walked freely. And all his movements are now much more harmonious.

            Mentally, he has almost totally recovered. So, the rest of the story is in God's hands. Like the whole story was anyway. Again so many thanks for your support and your professional skills all along the odyssey to Montreal. Yours gratefully, Philippe



Thank you very much for the great collaboration and your support.

I will deeply recommend your company to everybody who needs help like our family.

Kind regards, Polakel


Thank you.
Everyone was very, very happy with the class.  Thank you for organizing for us.
Best, Michele



Thank you for looking after _____ during his stay in India. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your invaluable assistance

Yours sincerely, Francis, Service Manager Continuing Treatment and Recovery, NHS



          With regards to the transfer and subsequent treatment of my brother, at the East West Medical Centre in New Delhi.  I cannot thank you enough for taking my brother's case on.        Yours sincerely, Elisabeth



The Swedish team, which went to ___ has come back to New Delhi, and send their thanks to you.

BAE systems, Sterling Business Center



To the Doctors, Nurses and Staff, thanks for everything. Julie



To all the staff, we would like to thank you so much for taking care of our 3 daughters during hteir illness. You were all so friendly and kind. Again a million thanks. Dot.



Thank you very much to all the staff. Thanks for your care, your hospitality. I won’t forget you. We do the same job everywhere in the world. Merci. Collette


To all the EWMC staff, nurses and Doctors,

We wanted to thank you for all the attention, devotion and warmth. You made us feel at home and inspite of my illness, I can say that we really enjoyed being here. We are very grateful for all your help. Noa.


Many thanks to all members of the team who did everything possible from the first critical hours onwards till my return to Holland. Wim, the Dutch cyclist.


Thank you everyone for all the kindness, caring companssion you have shown me at this difficult time. You have taken such good care of me and I will never forget your lovely actions. May god continue to bless us all richly. Jody.


To all the wonderful doctors and staff in the East West Hospital. Thak you very much from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my friend -------, for giving us the touch and feeling of home. Braha,


To the amazing staff of East West Medical Center. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to you for making me a healthy person again.

Thank you for the professional treatment, for answering all of my 1000 questions.

Thank you for making me smile every moring, treating me like a daughter of your own and giving me the amazing feeling of being home.

Thank you for giving me a new, different and improved point of view of life.

With a lot of appreciation, Adi.



Thank you for your care, great treatment and smiling faces. Although I was sick, I felt like I was in a homey place and there was someone to count on…. Samriti.



Greetings from sunny Sydney,

Thank you so much for your fax.

Your support is always appreciated here at Customer Care.

Best regards,

Letitia Fay, Training - Team Leader



Thank you so much for your response.

We really do appreciate your kind attention and dedication to our clients.


Kind regards





We, husband and wife would like to extend our thanks from the bottom of our heart, for the wonderful treatment and services provided. Though we were foreigners and you were foreign to us, we did not feel like one. We are looking forward to visit India again and your place as a friend not a patient.

Mohamad. Malaysia.


Thank you to everyone in the hospital, from the medical staff to the cleaners, reception etc who made me smile and feel better. I couldn’t thank you enough. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart. And hopefully we will meet again in better circumstances. I am sending you some cake. Hope you all get a slice. Kelly. Ireland.


Thanks a lot for the devoted care. Thank you fro listening, being aware and your professionalism. Hadar.


Thank you for taking me and my health seriously. You really listened and helped me get better. Joyce.



Thank you from all of us in Ireland. We especially appreciated the time you gave to all our phone calls. Teresa


I am grateful to your entire team for taking care of me and enabling me to return home in a cheerful disposition. I take back with me memories of beautiful people who with their gentleness and warmth eased my pain. Claude.


I had to come over here a week ago since I was sick and weak and coughing…etc. I was also a bit scared because I didn’t know what is going to happen here, and hospitals are not my favourite places to be…

At the time I spent here I got the best treatment from all of you and besides you being highly professional. You were also considerate, understanding and helpful. And it’s very important for me to thank you for that – each and everyone who I met here.

So even though the time of sickness is not the time for fun and joy – I was very relaxed and confident that I was in good hands. And I appreciate that a lot.

So thank you so much. Vinod.


We want you to know that meeting you at that point in our lives, knowing that you understood the depth of our pain and sorrow, and the kind words you put across to us have made some very difficult moments a little more bearable these past months. God bless you all. Yours ever. Jan.


Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you all, even though I was not the patient. Compassionate, caring, professional, efficient, competent. Karen. USA.


Doctors and Nurses. I thank you. Joao. Portugueses.




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