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We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients and clients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.



I just want to say that I have been visiting your hospital since 1980.  The attention is so prompt, the service so efficient and the friendliness and genuine courtesy so predictable.

Richard.  Kullu, Himachal.


Just a few words of thanks to your outstanding staff. As you can imagine, I dislike being an in-patient and can’t remember the last time I was one. But I must say the warmth, care and attentiveness shown by everyone…. Was a pleasant experience indeed.

Mr.Fahmi. Seagram India. Delhi.


Sometimes we heal during the periods when we are least aware of our injury.



I felt scared, really scared with the shock. Your staff is excellent, friendly, reassuring, kind and extremely devoted. Thank you for all the care and attention.

Mrs.Patniak, Delhi,


The reason why I’m writing this letter is, that I want to say “THANK YOU” to you and your colleagues.  Because you cured me so solidly and quickly. I often think of you and your friendly ways of treating me.  I always felt to be well taken care of while staying in your hospital.

Sabine. Germany.


…with grateful thanks for your wonderful care.

Jean. U.S.A.


Thank you for all the care, nursing, love and respect.  It has been a strenuous period but all your constant being there for my needs, has warmed me and given me security.

Anita. Norway.


I cannot thank you enough for the good care you gave me while at East West.  I will remember your kindness always.

Crystal. Delhi.


Thank you and your professional staff for giving me the best medical treatment I could ever have asked for. Your warm hearted team were also a direct cause for making me healthy.

Assaf. Israel.


from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the wonderful care. It was only through the grace of GOD that you came to me.  The doctors here were most please with the way you all handled me. I will always remember you and come to see you next visit. Crystal.


My sincere thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the German speaking community. Gunte Theisen. New Delhi.


Thank you so so much for taking such good care of me. Everyone has been lovely. Poy.


Just a little note to say a bog thank you for all the care and attention I got from EWMC. You were so reassuring, that helped me a lot. I can’t thank you enough. Your staff is excellent, friendly, reassuring, kind and extremely devoted. Mrs. Patnaik.Delhi


Thanks, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Rosette. Israel


We thak you very very much for making our stay in India as healthy a possible. Yonantan & Orit. Israel.


After arriving home with my father, I would like to thank all the doctors and staff of the hospital once more for all the help we got there. I already have informed my insurance and travel agency about you- such an important address for all the people who have health problems during their journey to India. B.Protivinsky, Berlin. Nov 1995






We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients and clients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.


Thank you for putting up with me this last month. I greatly appreciate all the time and care devoted to my recovery. I am grateful to be returning home on my 2 own feet.

Rohan, New Delhi.


Just a small note to thank you and your staff immensely for good treatment and speedy recovery.

H.Anderson. Denmark.


I thank you for your efforts.  You run a very quality operation. I owe you much thanks. I know you have done everything in my best interest. I will never forget you all.

Kurt. Vancouver, Canada.


The very least I can do at the moment is to write and thank you for your attention to our needs while my wife was a patient at EWMC.

Revd.Armitstead. Devon, U.K.


This letter is rather long overdue. I am writing (belatedly) to thank you for your efficient and kind services to Simon.

Elizabeth. Worcester, England.


Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent professional attention and personal touch from you and your team at EWMC.

Matthew. Australia.


On behalf of the United States Dept. of Defense Healthcare Assessment team….  The EWMC is an important healthcare facility and we truly appreciate the support you have been providing our service members and families.

Lt.Col. Miller.Dept.of the Army.USA. Hawaii.




What a team. We cannot thank you enough for your help, kindness, patience, understanding, medical attention and knowledge.

Not only have you made us better but we couldn’t ask for a more positive note to end our fantastic travels and to send us smiling on our way home. We will be forever grateful and will remember all of you with the fondest memories. Here is a poem we wrote for you.

Helen & Amanda. U.K.




To you, Dr.,Gary we came on that faithful day (4-6-96)

Our bodies broken and our minds slipping away.

In a total dream we related our story,

But as it happens, it was not all that gory!


And of course, we’ll never forget Dr.Pai

With your wonderful nature and cheery smiles

We were unable to cry

Just live and not die!


We thought we were dying

But you have all saved our lives,

We cannot thank you enough

For your wonderful supplies (and eyes!!)


And to you Mr.Brain,

Who helped us to become sane,

You arranged our necessary scan.


And thanks to you Mrs.Diet,

With all your knowledge of nutrition,

Chappati, fruit, dal and curd

Have certainly improved our condition.


And to our dear old Harry and Sam the saint

With all the food you provided,

We’re surprised we still feel faint!


And to all the other fresh smiling faces,

Thanks for all your effort,

For running around to different places.


Too our groovy Zarina

Who makes everything cleaner

From beds to gowns

Even clean washing abounds!


And as for the nurses,

Well, where does one start?

Our buzzer a ringing,

Our voices a singing,

You really have played a magnificient part.

The injections were awful,

The I.V. was worse,

But we  survived with your good patience and laughter.

What women, What nurses!


And last, but not the least,

A SALUTE to the CHIEF of this Wonderful team.

This really has been like an incredibly good dream!


We are sad to leave, but hopefully we’ll see you all soon.

Please come and visit us in London,

We’ll show you a good time,

And take you to the moon!!!


All our love, Helen and Amanda. XXXOOOO.



It was obvious that expert and efficient care was being delivered in a kindly fashion.  Your patients are lucky individuals indeed.

Dr.Manahan. Health Unit. American Embassy. New Delhi.



I would like to express my thanks to the staff of the EWMC for the excellent care which I received during my short stay. In particular, please convey my gratitude to the Nurse who accompanied me on the flight. She handled everything with efficiency and patience and was a great comfort to me. Irene. Oxon, England.


…thank  you for the excellent professional attention from everyone. The trip home was comfortable with the team and their excellent skills. M. Lormer. Australia.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for all the help and support during this emergency. And also for escorting__ home. It is very reassuring to know that your efficient services are available.

Dr Maybin. VSO.


I just wanted to let you know that my health and strength have returned to 100% and also expressm y gratitude for your professional services. My wife and I were very impressed with the quality of care provided at your hospital. Please thank you staff, especially the nurses for making a hospital stay as pleasant as possible. Take care and keep up the good work. Geoff. England.


Thanks a lot for giving me your kind support every time I needed it. Sachin.


We would like to thank you for the good treatment and the nice hospitality. Ronit & Shay.

Monumental thanks. S.R.Joseph.


I would like to thank you very much. I.Narvehed. Second Secretary, Embassy of Sweden. New Delhi.


I would like to thank all the staff of the EWMC for their help and kindness when I was a patient there recovering from a bus crash. I would particularly like to thank the nurse who traveled back with me to England. D.Hutchings. Cheshire, England.


John has made an amazing recovery and has been reelected for Mayor. When I saw how ill he was in India, I thought he had completely ruined his chances of achieving this Honor. We are both very happy indeed and grateful as always to you for your care. S.Coombe. News cutting enclosed.






We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients and clients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.


Thanks to you my health is alright, I feel like before and ready to start again a normal life.

Rajiv. Delhi 


Thank you for taking such pride in your work, and for taking the extra time to make sure everything is done right. May God Bless your service.

Kamal. Delhi.


For the rest of my life I will not forget your promptness and especially your kindness. You saved my leg.  Thank you for your professional care.

Rajat. Delhi.


….thank you and your dedicated staff for your wonderful care that you gave me during my recent stay at your hospital.  I have fond memories of my stay with you.

R.Perrett, Thomson Woveridge & Perrett. Australia.


Special thanks to all the doctors and nurses who looked after me so caringly.  In fact everyone was kind and thoughtful.  I saw my own doctor yesterday and she also sends her praises. I will visit you next year when I come back to India.

Margaret, England..


Thank you and all the doctors and all the medical staff for looking after our brother so well. We are grateful to all of you.

Members of the Kor family.


A very sincere thank you for the 1st class treatment received from you during my stay in your hospital.

John, Manchester, England.


Just a note to thank you for your assistance and advice. J.Dixon. Jersey. UK.


From the cold north we send you this picture and lots of greetings. We hope you are well and everything is the same at your nice hospital.  Take good care and thanks for your kindness.

Lars, Denmark.


To all the EWMC staff that aided in my recovery. Thank you very much.  I hope you continue to do a fine job.

Adam, London.


…. Please let the nurses know that they made my stay comfortable. Also I enjoyed their sense of humour, which cheered me up.

Tamsin, U.K.


Thank you very much for your prompt and thoughtful medical treatment and devoted care you gave my wife.  We felt lonely and thrown into confusion when we fell sick at the airport., as we were strangers here. We felt relieved very much to be taken to your medical center in an ambulance.

Satoru, Osaka, Japan.


We were most impressed by both your professionalism and kindness. We consider ourselves fortunate that our daughter was looked after by  doctors and nurses of such high quality.  We are also very grateful for the compassion you showed to both of us.

David, Herefordshire, U.K.


… convey my deep gratitude to you and all your staff..

D.Yamashita, Consular Affairs. Embassy of Japan, India.


I would like to thank you and all your staff for the care and attention given to me. As you are aware, it is bad enough being under the weather at the best of times but even worse when you’re some 13000 kms from home.  You and your staff together with their pleasantness and attitude took some of the misery out of a miserable time.

Mr.Jones. President and CEO. Hawtal Whiting.USA.



We would like to thank you all for all the good care we received during our stay which was unfortunate but turned our to be fortunate in your medical center. It was a real comfort to us, to be taken care of so well. We won’t forget it and we wont forget you. Robert & Heidi. Netherlands.



I would like to show great appreciation for excellent services, ensuring my comfort and speedy recovery and the caring of the nurses. Mr.Caws. New Zealand.


I would like to let you know how grateful I am to your services. Tamsin.


We wanted to thank you one time more. We appreciated all the team. Denis & Christine. France



, on behalf of the International Bar Associaation, thank you for the excellent service provided by the clinic and your staff during our recent conference. I received very positive feedback from our delegates about the quality and efficiency. J.Lane. International Bar Association.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all you did for my husband. Mrs.E.Berkeley.


Thanks to everybody my stay was made pleasant and the surgery not such a difficult moment…. I will never forget you. S.Evelyne. Switzerland.


I would like to express my thanks personally to you for the care and attention given to us ensuring a speedy and safe journey back to the UK. N.Walker. West Midlands, UK.


Our heartfelt thanks go to you and your excellent staff, and all the other wonderful people who helped and cared for us when we needed it most. We feel we owe Ronald’s’ life to you all and will be eternally grateful. Jan. Cornwall. UK.


A big thanks from all the Israeli’s who visited the East and returned home medical safe thanks to your assistance. Haya. Shiloah – Harel. Insurance Company. Israel. May 1997


Thank you very much for all the care and concern you and your staff demonstrated following the stroke. When the nurse came to the Goa hospital, she appeared as a real angel of mercy. She was lovely and very professional. Judith.  University of Reading. U.K.


I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for al lthe assistance I received over this period. Hidenori Hayashi, Medical Attaché. Embassy of Japan. New Delhi.


Many many thanks to everybody at the EWMC for the warmth, care and kind support that saved my life. Harpreet.


We take the opportunity to thank you and your team and staff members at the EWMC for their untiring support, cooperation, attention and above all care, rendered to our daughter while she was at your medical center. It is a gift from Almighty God and efforts of all of you that she is back home with her family. We shall remain ever so grateful for your efforts that save the life of our child. S.Gurdial Singh and all family members.





We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients and clients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.



…happy to vouch personally for the state-of –the –art equipment and efficiency of your organization, We could not have asked for better medical attention, better facilites or more helpful staff.

S.Mann. First Secretary. Embassy of India. Mexico.


Thank you for outstanding service.!!!!! Jose Ibarra. American Int’l Assistance Services.


On behalf of my husband and myself I once again thank everybody concerned for their kindness and will remember it for a long time to come. I genuinely appreciate the kindness and understanding and cooperation in this critical time.

Mr.Bhoti. New Delhi.


I am sure you know that I was terrified when I came in. But the understanding attitude of all those nurses and doctors who had to look after me, helped me a great deal. The memories of my stay with you are memories of the care and concern showed by all those who worked there.  You have a wonderful hospital and I admire and respect so much what you are doing.  Thank you again for all that you did for me.

Mrs.McOwat.London, UK.


A few words to say our sincere gratitude to you all. Everyone was so nice, human and qualified too. We are lucky after those bad experiences in ____ , to be cured by you. A smile can do so much!

Marie. Paris. 


Our best wishes for you all in the coming new year, 1999.  Thank you very much for helping me and curing my baby. I really appreciate you all.

Tenzin, Dharamshala.


In the name of ____, his parents, Shiloah and the Holy Spirit… we wish to express our thanks and appreciation for your help in this case. We are indeed very grateful. The boy is back safe.

Shiloah- Harel


Thank you so much for being so emphatic to my mother. We appreciate it.

Ashok. New Delhi.


I am grateful to all of you for fixing me up. I eat everything that crosses my path. I realize now that it all could have been much worse if I came to you a couple of days later or if your care wasn’t as good as it was. I thank you for that. Continue doing the great and honorable job you are doing.

Jan. Asterwijk.


Sorry, sorry that I have got only one appendix. Other wise I would come to EWMC next year again!  Thanks a lot to all the doctors, nurses and staff for your lovely care. You made it easier for me.



I feel I must express our deep appreciation of all that you and your devoted staff have done for us.  I was able to reassure our friends and family that everything possible was being done to hasten my recovery and always with the highest standards. It is a true credit that such a fine hospital operates so smoothly. Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone.

Peter & Katy. New Delhi.


Everyone at EWMC made what was a worrying time for us both, easier to cope with, through your kindness.

Mrs and Mr. Sinclair.Jersey,


Thank you for caring for my sister and getting her back on her feet. I am sure that with the commitment and dedication that you all possess, God is going to reward you with much success in the future.

Kunal. Delhi.


In speaking with my doctor a few days ago, he commented on the confidence that he acquired in the quality of medical attention I received. His review of the reports confirmed the high quality of diagnosis and regimen I had.  I was indeed fortunate to be in your care. I have been in several hospitals throughout my life and I have never had better attention and concern. Everyone was uniformly kind and considerate of my condition.

James. University of Northern Iowa. USA.



I cannot thank you enough for what you did for ___. I cannot believe how lucky we were to fall into your care. I know that without your skill, __ would undoubtedly have died. Apart from the wonderful medical and nursing he received, all the kindness shown to me, please tell the nurses he really misses them. J.Moore. Scotland.


Do you remember me? We want to thank you very much for your excellent help when we stayed in your hospital. You made our stay as comfortable as possible. All your help was so important to us in a foreign country far way from Germany.  Gisela. Germany.


Thank you for all your work and kindness during our stay. Tina.


Please thank everyone. We often think about you all. Evelyn. Surrey, England.


I am most grateful to you for your support during such a stressful time. Please let us know if we can ever be of assistance to you. J.King. London


Your assistance was greatly appreciated. M. McBurnie, Rome, Italy.


..personally thank you for all the assistance that you gave my family and I. Your assistance was appreciated beyond words. Had it not been for your help, the situation would have been even more difficult for them. A.Singh. Derby,  England.


We often talk about our time at EWMC and would once again like to thank all the kind people who looked after___. I am sure it made his survival possible. Jenny. Bristol.


I am impressed with your service & speed. I am glad such company such as your exists in India. Amar



Thank you all for taking such good care of our daughter. It was her first hospital experience and a good one!!! Susan. Lipp.


Right now I am very grateful to all of you for fixing me up the way you did.  Jan. Holland.


I wanted to write to thank you and all your staff once again for the care and kindness which I received. I am sure you know that I was terrified when I came in!! But the understanding attitude of all those nurses and doctors who had to look after me, helped me a great deal. The memories I have of my stay with you are memories of the care and concern showed by all those who worked there.  You have a wonderful hospital. E.McOwat. London.


It has confirmed my trust in your professionalism and that of your staff. Dr.Toebosch. Delhi.


Thank you for coming to Jodhpur to pick us up. Never have we been so happy to see a Doctor. Karen & Erich. Denmark.


Thank you to all the staff. For your kindness and your help. Each of you made the difficult moments easier by trying to stisfy all my needs. Thank you a lot. Myriam. Israel.


The Doctor back home was amazed that you had gotten Joseph well enough to fly back. We want to thank you for your medical expertise, your kindness and compassion for your patients and your sense of humor that meant so much to all of us. Please give our best regards to Ms.Chawla – she was like a ray of sunshine to us when we needed it so much.

None of us will forget all you did, we will remember you and yours in our prayers and think of you with love and respect. As Josephs’s doctor said’ That Doctor in India, did a hell of a good job’. Frances, Virginia, USA.



Thank you for nursing my daughter back to health. K.Bedi, North Ireland.


Thank you all SO much for looking after me so well. You are very kind. Janie.


Again, many thanks for your great service and my memorable event. If I were destined to become ill I could not have selected a better physician and clinic. Needless to say, your entire staff were wonderful. We have so much to learn in the USA in medical care.!!! I.Barnett, CA. USA





We regard the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our patients and clients as a true mark of our high quality, ethical and professional care.


A few letters from clients and patients or their relatives to the East West Group.


With grateful thanks from two people safely repatriated. Ogwen & Monica .


It has been such a ride. Life isn’t always predictable, and the true worth of people is evident when you are in need.

All of you have displayed your outstanding professionalism and humanity in your treatment of me and I will always be grateful to you.

I will always cherish your support. Hagit F..


Thank you for the dedicated and wonderful staff for assisting my wifes transfer from Kathmandu to the UK. We both really appreciated you and your staff’s outstanding kindness and skill which made her journey so much more pleasant. Hughes. UK.


To all those who cared for me. Thank you for your care and concern. I am much better now. Isolde.


Thanks to you all for taking such good care of my nephew. My sister, his mother and I were both so appreciative of all you did. Such Service.!! We continue to talk about what proper, professional and empathic care he received from you. He’s a lucky man to be given another chance. Thank you most sincerely from _____’s entire family. P.Gibbons. Kansas. USA.


I thank the Doctors, Nurses and staff at the EWMC for your care and kindness. I also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. C.Backlund. Sweden.


This is to thank you and your collegues and all the staff at your center for the kindness shown to ___. We are extremenly grateful for everything. Balfour- Paul. UK.


I have told IAMAT of the fantastic care I received at your hospital and recommend it to other travelers.

Gordon, Canada.


I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your utmost care given to _ and her family including myself. N.Ariyoshi. Jalpak


Many thanks for your innumerable kindness during _______ recent illness.Dr G.Faruki. New York, USA.


Thank you for your information and quick response to our email. Your information ahs been invaluable to us and has put us at ease.  R.Freeman


Thank you very much for everything you did for my sister. Fortunately she is doing fine, all because of you. I have never seen so much warmth and motivation to cure a person. I wish you all Merry Christmas and all the best for the Millennium year 2000. I miss you. Kerin




…thank you for your kind hospitality. I am grateful for your kindness towards me and for taking great care of me. Thank you for saving my life.  Vanlalruati.


I want to express my deep gratitude to all your staff and yourself for the prompt and most professional attention given to me during my recent illness.

Avinash, Delhi.


Thank you all for saving my life.  May the blessings of God be with all members of this hospital.

Vantalmati, Delhi.


Heartly thanks for looking after me so well during my stay in hospital.



We appreciate all that you did. Such service! We continue to talk about what prompt, professional and empathic care Jimmy received from you. He is so lucky to be given another chance.  Thank you most sincerely from Jimmy’s entire family.

Patricia. Kansas, U.S.A.


Thank you for helping my son, Max and me so well. You helped us a lot.

I am enclosing a card of Martens big batik picture.  The text on the card is about (in Swedish) (Card scanned above)

… life and dead is one, like the river, Flood.

And the see is one.

For what is to die, but standing naked in the

Wind and melt in the sun?

(from Kahlil Gibran)

Perhaps that is what Marten wanted to create, we do not know.

The picture is about life, that did he tell us.

- Mimmi. Sweden.


I really appreciate all you did for me while in the hospital. Hospital in the USA have more equipment, but it would be hard to compete with the care I got at EWMC. My doctors comment when I gave him the papers you sent was’ we don’t get that complete a record from hospitals in the USA’.  I was in a country  foreign to me, I was sick and I was afraid. I will always be grateful for you being an angel to me. With gratitude and prayers.

Pam. USA.


I just wanted to write to say thank you for stitching me up last December. Thank you for saving my life. I am very lucky to have survived. I am enclosing some photo’s.

Jim. Minnesota, U.S.A.


Your staff provided a quick efficient diagnosis and the patients are now well on the way to recovery.

Mr.Simcock. High Commissioner, New Zealand High Commission.


I have no words to thank you for looking after my father so well, for which I and my entire family are grateful to you.

Mr.Singh of Alwar. Indian Olympic Association. Delhi.


Due to the good organization of your company, the repatriation went smoothly and both patients arrived in Holland well. Dr Hubner. Holland.


I wish to thank you for the special care I received from you and your staff. I will never forget what you did for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yaaqov. Tel Aviv.



A very belated heartfelt thanks you. Thank you and your syaff for everything you did for my son. We are most grateful. T.Llewelyn. Suffolk. England.


Thank you greatly for your professional care. For the rest of my life, I will not forget your promptness, and especially your kindness. Jean-Philippe. Canada.


Once again, thank you very much for all your support during Johans illness. I was very pleased in your way of taking care of my son. Dr Schonbeck. Dept. of Infectious Diseases. Centrallasarettet Vaxjo. Sweden.


I cannot praise the wonderful care and attention I received. My most grateful thanks to you and the doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff  and others who looked after me so very well. And Best Wishes for the year 2000. Harry. South Yorkshire. England.


..deeply thankful for all the excellent care and attention given to ____. Everyone has been so kind and friendly and gentle. L.Jones. Australia.


Thank you again for the excellent treatment and the kindness of all of you. Mrs.Van Loon


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